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The Cincinnati Bengals…Disappointment

The Cincinnati Bengals have never won a superbowl ever. As a Bengal fan myself it’s a real tough existence. In my lifetime I have never seen a Bengals playoff win and have been let down by this team over and over again. The last time the Bengals have won a playoff game was in 1991.

For Bengals fans we have seen good seasons that sent us to five straight wildcard games from 2011 to 2015. Five years straight of watching Andy Dalton and our motley crew of misfits lose playoff games with the last one being the notorious loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Most people remember this game because of all the crazy things that happened during it. This the game where Antonio Brown came across the middle and Vontaze Burfict made one of the most gruesome and illegal hits football has ever seen. Or maybe you remember Jeremy Hill coughing the football up when all the Bengals needed to do was run the ball three times and sit on the ball to secure the win. This one game pretty much sums up what being a Cincinnati Bengals fan is like…heartbreak. For most of my life I’ve seen two quarterbacks play for the Bengals, Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer. Both being incredibly mediocre throughout their careers and never playing to their expectations. You can’t just blame them though, everything falls on the head coach. Marvin Lewis being that man. Lewis served as head coach of the Bengals from 2003 to 2018 and went 0-7 in the playoffs throughout that time. Many were close games that could be blamed on the coaching staff. Lewis put me and all Bengals fans through so much tough losses and all the pain that comes with being a dedicated sports fan.

Bengals fans have some hope for the future having fired Lewis in 2018 and hiring Zac Taylor who was an offensive coordinator for the Rams before heading to Cininnati. Many are saying the Bengals are in rebuilding mode after letting go of Lewis and Dalton who have for so long been a fixture for the Bengals on Sunday’s. The Bengals are slowly but surely putting together pieces that can definitely make a winning team in the next few years. Anytime you add a piece like Joe Burrow to a team there is a lot of hope for the fans.The Bengals are a very young team and have a early draft pick in this years upcoming NFL draft and it’s looking like they’re either going to add a offensive lineman or a wide receiver to play next to Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd. Of course Joe Burrow suffered a season ending leg injury in the middle of his first season but all signs are pointing to a healthy recovery and it looks like he will be ready for the 2021 season opener.

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Joe Burrow is a breath of fresh air for Bengals fans, him and coach Taylor are trying to adopt a mentality of winning. Bengals fans have been waiting a long time for a playoff win and with all these personnel changes may just be what the doctor ordered. Bengals fans just have to hope that Joe Burrow comes back the same player he was before the season ending injury. Many times with these bad leg injuries some players never play the way they did before. We have to hope that’s not the case for Burrow. If the Bengals keep making positive changes then maybe just maybe I will be able to see a playoff win or even wins in my life. Who dey!

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