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Profile: Christian Madigan

It was the section championship in his senior year of Highschool, the last time he would ever step on the field he has played the last five years of his high school career and the field where he learned how to play the game. The score was tied 2-2 in the 80th minute, and the pressure was on. He remembers the biggest crowd he’s ever played in front of and how important it meant for him to come off the field with a win. Playing midfield he distinctly remembers beating a defender up the right and sending a ball to the left post with one of his best friends heading it in to take home the victory for the team and the entire school. 

His name is Christian Madigan… After his High School career was finished, he had options to play at four SUNY schools and decided on SUNY Oswego. He stepped on campus during the super hot month of August in the year 2017. He began to compete for a starting spot on the Oswego Men’s soccer team. Until everything went wrong… just one week into training camp he suffered a season ending ACL injury. 

“I was in the best shape of my life, gearing up to do what I had always hoped to do”, said Christian. He has been playing soccer, the sport he loved for his entire life and worked his butt off to get to where he was. “I have never been seriously hurt except for minor ankle injuries in my time playing soccer and when this happened during a practice I was beside myself”. Another player on the field when the injury happened was Ronald Smith, who happened to play his high school soccer in the same section as Madigan.The two knew each other through their time playing the game. Smith had to say this about the day the injury happened: “We talked before we got to school about the season and how we prepared for it and when this happened to him during a practice I could see it on his face right away. He’s a tough kid and I’ve never seen him in that much pain”. The two didn’t know each other very well but there is a certain respect and camaraderie when competing against each other throughout most of their lives. Madigan said, “I knew the kid and we have played against each other many times having lived two towns away and I always enjoyed playing against him”. 

The next year was very tough for Madigan, he had to undergo surgery on his right knee which was badly injured in three places. He ended up going home to have the surgery. Madigan’s father has this to say about the situation, “When you see your son work so hard for his whole life to get to where he is and something like this happens it tough to take, a hardworking person shouldn’t have to go through something like this but I knew he would come out on the other side”. After a successful surgery Madigan was back on the field after 10 months. “It was the hardest thing I have had to do in my life, trying to get back to the way I was before was tough and it took a long time for me, I’ve always considered myself a competitive person who would do anything it takes to compete but this injury really tested that”, said Madigan. 

Within the next year Madigan was back on the field. Although, this time Madigan was lacing his boots up for the club soccer team at Oswego. Not making the varsity team after coming back from the injury was a difficult reality to face. Madigan still found pride in being able to play the game he loves and compete on the field. He was able to start every game, rather than getting limited playing time on the varsity team, which he found great. Madigan excelled and was able to find a new meaning on the field with his new teammates. He played his sophomore and junior season on the club team. Under normal circumstances, Madigan would be playing his senior season now. Unfortunately, the season was cancelled due to the pandemic. Madigan plans to graduate this coming May and described his time at Oswego as one of the best choices he’s made. He said that he will continue to play the game and have fun with the game he’s loved his entire life. 

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