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10 Things you never Knew about Tiger Woods

By:Ryan Donohue

Tiger Woods is one of the most well known professional athletes for a number of reasons.Although we may know many things about Tiger already here are some facts that some may not know about his life.

  • ●  Woods graduated from Western High School which is located in Anaheim in 1994
  • ●  Woods is the youngest person to ever win The Masters in the year 1997
  • ●  Tiger always wears the color red on Sunday’s because his mother used to say that it’s apower color
  • ●  Woods is the first ever athlete to earn a billion from his sport
  • ●  Woods wrote a book called “How I Play Golf” which sold over 1.5 million copies
  • ●  Woods was raised as a Buddhist by his mother
  • ●  Woods shot a 48 in 9 holes at the age of 3 and first broke 70 at the age of 12
  • ●  Woods has a son and daughter, his son named Charlie is following in his dads footstepsplaying golf and is very good at it like his father
  • ●  He attended Stanford University and left after two years to pursue golf professionally
  • ●  His birth name is Eldrick Tont Woods

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