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10 things you never knew about Gleyber Torres

Gleyber Torres is a second baseman and shortstop for the New York Yankees. He wears the number 25 and has been a large part to the Yankees success in the past couple of seasons.

10. Gleyber Torres is currently hitting 71 points higher in the postseason than he is in the regular season. He has a career postseason batting average of .342, .435 in 2020, and a career regular season batting average of .271, .243 in 2020.

9. Gleyber Torres was born on December 13, 19996 in Caracas, Venezuela.

8. Not only is his batting average much higher but his OPS (On-Base percentage plus Slugging percentage) is 203 points higher in the postseason throughout his career. He has a career postseason OPS of 1.037 and a career regular season OPS of .834. Both of these stats are well above average as the MLB average for OPS has ranged from .728 to .758 in the past 5 seasons.

7. Torres’s full name is Gleyber David Torres.

6. In 2019, Gleyber absolutely torched the Baltimore Orioles tallying over a third of his total home runs for the year against them. He batted .371 against them with 20 RBI’s and 13 home runs. He only struck out 15 times and walked 9 times. He had an on base percentage of .443, a slugging percentage of .986 and a whopping OPS of 1.429.

5. Gleyber Torres was invited to his first All Star game in 2019 where he went 1 for 2 with a single.

4. Gleyber’s top average exit velocity comes from the center of the strike zone. His average exit velocity with pitches right down the middle is 97.3 miles per hour. His lowest average exit velocity is on low inside pitches. He only hits an average exit velocity of 77.6 miles per hour, almost 20 miles per hour less than his highest.

3. Gleyber Torres made his debut on April 22nd in 2018.

2. Torres has committed 21 errors in his career while at second base but has made 25 errors in his career while playing at shortstop. He has committed four more errors at shortstop even though he has played 330.2 less innings there than at second base. He has also had 188 less total chances at shortstop. This gives him a .969 fielding percentage at second base and a .949 fielding percentage at shortstop.

1. In 373 minor league baseball games he had a .285 batting average with a .362 on base percentage, and a .419 slugging percentage. No one could have projected the power numbers he has put up in the MLB given his minor league statistics.

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