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Unpopular Opinions: Do Something More Important With Your Time

Instead of spending countless hours watching March Madness, only for your bracket to fall apart when you’re so close to the end, do something else with your time. Don’t sit in front of a tv, or your computer checking stats and constantly refreshing your bracket. Spend your time doing these other things which have real impacts.

Volunteer at an animal shelter: Walk a dog or play with a cat, if you’re not allergic. Go even further and adopt an animal you fall in love with. Your animal will love you no matter which teams you picked for the final four and how many times you pick an unsuccessful bracket, which is every time.

Clean a beach: Every single beach has trash on it. Clean it. Save some sea turtles. Give yourself a break from seeing screens and other people. Grab a biodegradable trash bag and pick up anything that doesn’t belong there.

Visit a senior center: Hey maybe some people at the senior center will know what basketball is and can talk to you about your failing March Madness bracket. Your might get a few “back in my day” stories, but smile through it, because spending time with people at senior centers makes their entire day and is only a fraction of yours.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen: Give someone a hot meal who needs it. I can guarantee volunteering will put a smile on your face, and probably theirs as well. Do something good for your community.

Clean out your closet: Everyone has clothes in their closet that no longer fit but they continue to hold on to. Get rid of them. You can even have March Madness games playing in the background if you’d like. Donate them to somewhere that accepts clothes to give to families in need.

Spend your time doing more important things for the world than refreshing your webpage.

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