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March Madness Equals Bandwagon Madness

Coming up as a high school basketball player the dream was to always play for those big schools; the blue bloods. Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, UNC, were the schools I dreamt of playing for, because there were most familiar names in college basketball. So I don’t blame the average fan for knowing about the big teams, but what I can’t accept is blatant bandwagoning. You see this the most in the midst of the March Madness tournament this year where everyday people are all of a sudden Duke fans.

There is nothing more annoying than bandwagon fans. It really grinds my gears to see people who don’t know anything about the game of basketball declare their fandom of teams that they have seen win one game.

I can talk about a friend of mine who will not be named who said, “Bro I have been a Duke fan since 2010 when Justise Winslow played for them.”

Let us rewind that please, dude said he was a Duke fan since 2010 when Justise Winslow played for them. Justise Winslow played for them in 2015. He is in his third season in the league. In 2010 Winslow was in the eighth grade.

I can talk about how my cousin who doesn’t care about basketball asks me, “When does Duke play they’re my favorite team not even going to lie to you.” I was dumbfounded so I asked him to name three players on the team and all he could name was Zion Williamson. You see that, that’s what gets me mad.

You probably think I hate Duke, but no I hate Duke fans. I hate bandwagon fans. I hate people like my cousin.

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