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Disappointment in Toronto

It’s time to talk about NYCFC’s head coach Dome Torrent. The Manchester City assistant coach that replaced Patrick Vieira mid-season last year.

Tonight’s game against Toronto FC was a disaster. From the start, NYCFC seemed like they forgot how to play. Toronto dominated NYCFC for the whole 90 Minutes. At least two of the shots NYCFC made should have gone in.

The game ended 4-0, Toronto.

Not good enough. Back to work #ForTheCity— New York City FC (@NYCFC) March 30, 2019

To say I am disappointed about NYCFC going from a top 3 team, to a team that only has three points after four games is an understatement. With a Roster that is almost identical to when they were a top 3 team (besides Villa), there is no reason why they should be doing as bad as they are.

NYCFC has shown no consistency in these last four games, except for the fact that the first three games were draws.

If Dome cannot find a way to get this team back on track, he should probably see his way out. Since he has joined the team, NYCFC has only gone downhill. Not one good thing has happened with him since being here.

I’m at a loss for words at how badly tonight’s game went.

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