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5 reasons why I Think Kentucky Is Going To Win This Year’s national championship

5 reasons why I Think  Kentucky Is Going To Win This  Year’s national championship

  1. The best players are playing the most minutes

When you’re as talented as Kentucky is, just play your best player as long and as much possible. They are in shape to play 30-plus minutes per game. College basketball and March Madness is not like the NBA where the teams are playing back-to-backs and multiple games within five nights.

According to the, the head coach from Kentucky John Calipari said that he “has settled on a starting lineup of Ashton Hagans, Tyler Herro, Keldon Johnson, P.J. Washington and Reid Travis.  No reserve played more than 11 minutes in Kentucky’s win over Kansas, and the bench combined for just 31 minutes” (BOOZELL,2019).

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2) Washington and Travis are learning to play together

These to players on the Wildcats basketball roster Washington and Travis are both really good but are undeniably similar. They aren’t the most logical frontcourt pairing for that reason. Both players would prefer to do their own style of work inside and would benefit most from a stretch power forward or center next to them.

According to the NCAA .com “Travis and Washington combined for 38 points and 25 rebounds against Kansas. The tandem is still a work in progress. Washington went for 21 against Mississippi State, while Travis finished 1-for-6 with five points”  (BOOZELL,2019). To power forwards on your team like Travis and Washington scoring those types of points that is why I think the Wildcats will win the title.

3) Increased defensive effort and discipline

Coach Calipari has increased  Ashton Hagans’ one of the gourds for the Kentucky Wildcats playing time. This has made a huge difference, with the team’s performance but this has a lot to do with effort and discipline. Discipline is the key to a champion team and If there’s anything that coach  Calipari teaches his players it’s discipline.

The teams that the  Wildcats face are only shooting  36 percent from 3 against Kentucky, which is still a high number,  but the Wildcats do an awesome job of blocking opponents when they go for  3s. The Wildcats are ranked 10th in block rate, and the Washington-Travis pairing is stingy near the hoop. Nick Richards provides nice rim protection off the bench.

4) Herro is heating up

There is always that one hero in a sports game either it’s Derek Jetter if you are baseball fans like me or a March Madness fan but heroes that come from Kentucky have proven themselves in the past 10 games.  The Said “He’s still only shooting 34 percent from deep, but defenses respect him” (BOOZELL,2019). You are the type of player who ends the game on a buzzer beater or the type of player that makes an unthinkable shot.

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5) Hagans’ two-way play

Hagans has been racking up the points with   34 in his last nine games, which averages out to 3.78 per game. These types of numbers are from the players are the reason I think that the Kentucky Wildcats will win the championship. Don’t just judge a defender on there steals, or a  turnover that they give to the opposing team. Hagans skill on the court has presented him an easy scoring opportunity for the Wildcats.

According to the, they say that “Hagans isn’t Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in terms of impact, but he’s not that far off. Kentucky was missing that dynamic point guard play earlier in the season”  (BOOZELL,2019).

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