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Keeping there Hopes Alive

It was a big night at the Marano Campus Center for the women’s Hockey team not only was it senior night for Ditonto and Rankin but also the women’s hockey team was versing Postam and with Lakers having a four-game losing streak and the pressure of having to beat Postam twice so they don’t have to verse the unstoppable Plattsburg team in the first round of playoffs this was a big game. The Lakers did a fantastic defeating the Bears with a final score of 4-1 and it seems like its going to be difficult for the Lakers to win again today at Potsdam, but the Bears have a small team and when asked after the game Dillon said that “ We kept the puck in their zone for a long and they were tired” so if the Oswego can outskate the bears today like they did last night they will be in second place with 14 points right behind the Plattsburgh powerhouse who is undefeated in league game. “Keeping on what we did today and building on it keeping the shirts and with a shorter bench Oswego wants pucks in deep and are four cheek is really are stronger elements” Said Dillon as a young team like the women’s hockey it is important to play towards your strengths and to find what works for you and were is that team chemistry. The Postams goalie Samantha White played really well in the first period saving 13 shots by the Lakers and leading 0 goals but by the second period, it was all Oswego scoring 3 goals in the second period. The second period started and it was all Lakers they scored three out of there four goals in the second period and even though that the Lakers had more shots in the first period then the second they dominated in the offensive zone and dominated the control of the puck the entire period. The first goal for the Lakers was at 23 seconds into the period by number 27 Sara Cruise. Cruise is a fast and talented player she has proven when she gets space on the ice with the puck you know that the puck is going to hit the back of the net. Oswego had a couple penalties for body checking in the second at 1:29 into the game and 3:02 into the game but that didn’t stop them the Lakers didn’t let up a goal until the third and by that time it was too late for the Bears to try to come back because at that time it was 3 -1 the only option was to pull the goalie which they did but it led the Lakers to another goal scored by number seventeen Leah Czerwinski with 1:18 left in the game and for the Bear well they have a rematch hoping to beat Oswego on there own ice today. The Lakers looked great out there last night lets hope that they can defeat the Potsdam Bear again today and get the two points that they need for second place they verse Potsdam again today at 3.

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