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The Ronaldo Effect

After Cristiano Ronaldo’s entrance to Juventus, Paulo Dybala’s presence on the team has diminished. Ronaldo has overshadowed the once star player for Juventus.

Dybala has lost his starting spot with Juventus since Ronaldo has taken lead of the field. When Dybala does make it onto the field, he is pushed wider into a position he is not comfortable in because Ronaldo now takes that position closer to the net.

Dybala has not showed the same performance this season as he did last season presumably due to the position change. After the 2017-18 season, Dybala had a total of 22 goals and five assists. This season he only has five goals and four assists.

Ronaldo being on the team, while he has done amazing, as expected, it has been at the cost of Dybala’s performance and playing time. Dybala, still young at 25-years-old, has a lot of time in his career. He cannot be wasting his skillset sitting on the bench at Juventus.

To see one of your best players go from an extremely successful season to not being able to produce goals, and have him sitting on the bench is disappointing. A player like Dybala with his talent cannot afford to not have any playing time.

Even before Ronaldo being added to the roster, Juventus was still a force to be reckoned with in Serie A. In 2017, Juventus was runner-up to Ronaldo’s Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League.

In my opinion, I still believe Dybala is just as good of a player as he was last season. It seems as if the reason for his decline on the team is because of Allegri’s decision in putting Ronaldo up top. Ronaldo is named one of the best soccer players in the world. It is easy to get overshadowed by him when you play alongside him. But, for a player like Dybala it can be disheartening to lose your spot on your team.

Recently, there have been rumors of Juventus selling Dybala for Portuguese 19-year-old Joao Felix, who has been called the “heir to Ronaldo.” Felix has shown a lot of potential and a lot of big name teams have their eye on him. The rumors say Dybala will be sold for one hundred-million Euros, which would help Juventus buy Felix.

With these rumors possibly on Dybala’s mind, he could easily lose confidence while playing on his team, which looked to be the case today during the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter final against Ajax.

Dybala was on the starting line-up, he was in his usual position and he was captain. But, he had a bad performance. While the team as a whole did not produce great results, neither did Dybala considering he was put in a comfortable position for him.

But what does this mean for Dybala if the rumors are true?

Dybala has spent a majority of his career at Juventus, and now they are ready to get rid of him. There are mixed feelings around these rumors. While I would like him to stay at Juventus, where I have known him as a player for most of my time watching Juventus and as one of their star players, I want to see Dybala play.

If Juventus head coach, Massimiliano Allegri, is not going to be playing Dybala as much as he did in previous seasons, I think it would be best to let him go at this point. Allegri should know more than anyone the potential Dybala has.

Dybala is a good player. Dybala is going to need a team where he is the “main man.” He needs to be that star player again.

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