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Mike Trout is the Best Baseball Player

Mike Trout home run: Taking Michael Pineda and the Twins deep, in 2019 -  Halos Heaven

Mike Trout is the best baseball player… right now that is. It is almost impossible to compare a player of this generation to any other because the game of baseball is constantly changing.

It all started on August 7th, 1991; the day Trout was born. He grew up in the town of Millville New Jersey and quickly became a well known star in the area. By the time he was finished in high school he drew attention from Major League clubs and the Los Angeles Angels chose to select him with the 25th pick of the 2009 MLB draft.

This may have been the biggest steal of any draft in MLB history. Since that draft Trout has shown that he should have been selected first and that the 24 picks ahead of him were the wrong choice.

He quickly made his way up into the majors making his debut in 2012 but during his short time in the minor league system he played 290 games and was able to bat .341 with 23 home runs, 35 triples, and 58 doubles. He won the J.G. Taylor Spink Award in 2010 awarding him best minor league player honors.

He broke into the league at the age of 19 and in this rookie year he led the American League with 129 runs and 49 stolen bases. He also put up a .326 batting average and finished second in the MVP race to Miguel Cabrera who had won the triple crown. He was able to secure AL Rookie of the Year honors though.

Since his first season in the Majors, he has been to the All-Star game 8 times, won the MVP three times, won the Hank Aaron award two times, and has won the Silver Slugger award seven times. He has remained one of the league’s most elite hitters through 10 seasons in the big leagues.

Not only has he been an elite hitter, batting .305 with a .584 slugging percentage, and a 1.002 OPS, but he has been a well above average defender as well. He has been able to amass a .993 fielding percentage, about 10 points higher than the Major League average. There have also been a number of home run stealing grabs that have shown up on Trouts highlight reel.

When he isn’t mashing home runs or stealing home runs he is stealing bases. He has 201 career stolen bases and he has slowed down of late. He has stolen over 30 bases 3 times in his career and might’ve been able to continue this pace had Major League Baseball not started to reevaluate stealing bases.

Mike Trout is a true overall player. He fulfills all 5 categories to be considered a 5 tool player. He is able to hit for average, hit for power, steal bases, field well, and throw well. Because he is so good on all sides of the baseball he has been able to put up elite numbers. Trout has a career 75.2 WAR already in season 10. He just recently signed a 12 year contract with the Angels so he should be able to play another 10 years beyond this. If he is able to keep up this pace he will finish with around a 150 WAR ranking 7th all time. With his current WAR he already ranks 78th in baseball history, well above hundreds of hall of famers.

Among active players Trout is second in WAR for his career, 24.6 points below his teammate Albert Pujols. The only reason Trout is second is because Pujols has played more than 10 more season than Trout. The numbers that Angels Centerfielder is putting up are unheard of. This is why he is the best player in baseball… right now.

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