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Bowling Column Piece

Many people watching sports games often watch what they are familiar with while sitting on their coaches on Sunday afternoon like baseball, football, the occasional soccer (American Soccer) game.  Rarely do people watch a tournament on Bowling which I am positive not many people tune in on watching the regular Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) channel on television or on FOX.  Personally, I have never watched bowling competitively and never planned on doing so up until I tried to find a sport that was different enough to catch my attention and not the general football game or soccer game that many other people are already familiar with. 

The Professional Bowling starts in mid-January and ends in August 2021.  Currently the season is at their Guaranteed Rate PBA Slam in Annandale, Virginia.  Today, April 18, 2021, will be this PBA Super Slam who will be showcasing Kyle Troup (PBA Players Championship Winner), Francois Lavoie (Kia PBA Tournament of Champions), Tom Daugherty (Guaranteed Rate PBA World Championship), Thomas Larsen (USBC Masters), and Chris Via (BPAA U.S. Open). 

On Friday, March 16th, 2021 was the PBA Scorpion Championship Eliminator Finals where Tom Daugherty wins his second title on the 2021 World Series of Bowling Championship.  He has three titles from 2012-13 The Bowlers Journal Scorpion Championship, Las Vegas, NV; 2016 The PBA Wolf Open, Allen Park, MI; and the 2021 The PBA WSOB XII PBA Scorpion Championship, Tampa, FL.  Also, his PBA Career Major Title which is his 2021 The PBA WSOB XII PBA Scorpion Championship title.  After watching the tournament on YouTube of the live feed I do understand why he won many titles, and he is a true bowler like everyone else who bowls competitively with Daugherty.  He was head-to-head with Kyle Troup with a 12-point difference in their scoring.  Finding out more information on his tournaments and championships Daugherty said, “You can’t imagine this,” said Daugherty. “I thought maybe I’d win the Scorpion, or maybe win the Doubles, but to win the World Championship and the Scorpion? It’s not even something I thought of.”  His short biography on The Hammer is one of the best ways I would describe Tom Daugherty only watching him bowl over the course of a few days; “Tom has one of the most powerful strike balls in bowling. His unique no-thumb style allows him to open up the lane and create ultra-hook from the steepest of angles.  He owns 2 PBA National titles and 15 PBA regional titles.  His nickname the ‘Rebel’ describes him perfectly.  Tom says whatever is on his mind with no filter at all times.  When off the lanes, Tom is committed to growing his business while raising his three daughters Camyrn and twins Cayce and Courtney.”  All of this describes his style of playing perfectly and his tone while playing as well. 

Daugherty is probably one of the best players I have watched over the past few days while I was re-watching the March tournament and before watching the tournament today at noon.  While watching all of the other players they truly do have a passion with this bowling, like any sports player with any team has, but with bowling and my previous article on Curling I was ultimately surprised with how intimate these players get with these sports and I am so happy to get to see these different sports and be able to report on them the best I could do. 

If you were to watch any of these bowling tournaments or championships, I highly recommend watching a game, yes, it is easier to understand than Curling, I enjoyed myself watching Tom Daugherty and the other players as well throughout this journey of writing this article.

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