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Year of the Underdogs: Who do You Got?

If you would have told me Texas Tech and Auburn would be in the final four this year, I probably would have questioned your basketball knowledge. You could probably question my college basketball knowledge because I can’t name three players from those two teams.

Am I surprised they both made it this far? Not really, it’s all in the name “March Madness” and teams like these winning over the well known blue bloods in college basketball is all apart of the madness. Plus, the games are all one and done not like the NBA where there is a seven game series. My point is anything can happen in one game and these teams have reaped the benefit of that.

Texas Tech and Auburn both have chances to the unthinkable having both made their first final four in program history. Winning the whole thing for either of the teams would be huge for not just the  school, but for the players and coaches too. This is around the time where draft stock rises for certain players and coaches often get jobs in the NBA after strong seasons like this.

I’m getting this strange feeling that this might be the year of the underdogs. Texas Tech and Auburn are proving that there is more to basketball than just talent and god given athletic ability. These teams have shown us that hard nosed play, grit, and teamwork always finds a way to win no matter what. Auburn might not have name recognition of a Duke or a Kentucky but they made it farther than both teams and the same is to be said for Texas Tech.
Sometimes in sports a narrative is enough to carry a team to the promised land. Auburn is that team with the best narrative up until this point. After losing Chuma Okeke, one of their key players to a an ACL tear they came out beat the higher ranked Kentucky Wildcats in a nail biter. While many might view it as a handicap not having one of their best players, the narrative is very appealing and it just might carry them.

So the question is who you got? I say Auburn might surprise us is when it’s all said and done.

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