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Where Stars are Born

March Madness is around the time many NBA hopefuls make names for themselves and enter the radars of NBA franchises before the draft in June. This year’s Elite Eight has been one that not many have expected but one thought that has always come to my head is, what NBA stars have these schools produced?

This years Elite Eight consists of Gonzaga, Duke, Texas Tech, Auburn, Virgina, Michigan State, Kentucky and Purdue. The NCAA tournament is more than just every college basketball fan trying to create the impossible perfect bracket, it also serves as the time where players look to make their cases as NBA talent and sometimes coaches too.

First on the list is Gonzaga. Gonzaga is one of those schools that everyone sleeps on but somehow always find themselves as legit contenders every year. With all that being said, have they ever had any big NBA stars lay for them? Can you name three? No scratch that just name one. Sadly there is only one legit NBA star and hall of famer that came out of Gonzaga that I know of. John Stockton, the NBA’s all time leader in assists and steals is a product of Gonzaga and the only real star.

Then there’s the Duke Blue Devils, the school with the most obnoxious and arrogant fanbase; I call them the Dallas Cowboys fans of college basketball. Duke has produced many NBA players over the years and some stars too. Kyrie Irving, Grant Hill, Elton Brand, JJ Reddick, Luol Deng, and the up and coming star Jayson Tatum.

Texas Tech… No hall of famers or even stars. Well that’s embarrassing maybe after this year they will recruit some better talent. I hope.

Auburn has the one and only Charles Barkley. Probably one the funniest people in sports television who had the game to match his level of humor. The “Round Mound of Rebound” was his nickname and he earned that name ending his career as a top 50 player in NBA history and playing for the famous “Dream Team.”

Meanwhile the best thing Virgina produced was Rick Carlisle, and it’s not for his hooping skills either. Carlisle is the current coach of the Dallas Mavericks and is going to go down as a hall of fame coach having help win the Mavericks only title in franchise history.

The Michigan State Spartans produced one of the top five greatest players in NBA history, Magic Johnson. Magic’s accolades are out of this world having won the national championship with Spartans, 5 NBA championships, 2 gold medals and  3 NBA MVPs just to name a few. Point is if you don’t know who Magic is you live under a rock. Michigan State also produced Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors. Why does he only get a sentence? Well I hate him. Simple.

The Kentucky Wildcats over the past several years have been in the business of only producing NBA players with them popularizing the whole one and done trend. But it goes without saying there is a difference between and NBA player and an NBA star. Let me just list the stars and hall of famers they have produced.

  • John Wall
  • Demarcus Cousins
  • Karl Anthony Towns
  • Devin Booker
  • Anthony Davis
  • Rajon Rondo

Moral of the story is, them boys in Kentucky don’t play when it comes to NBA talent.

Last but not least we have Purdue… Awkward when the player with the most name recognition is good old Brad Miller who was an all star for two years and then disappeared.

If you ask me Kentucky is the winner of this, not that it’s a competition. I’m just happy it wasn’t Duke that won.  

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