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What if these N.B.A players went to college and completed in March Madness?

5. Kobe Bryant: The Philadelphia native would’ve most likely have went to a big University like Perdue or Pennsylvania State. As a rookie in the N.B.A Bryant only averaged 7.5 points and 2 rebounds per game. In a college system Bryant would’ve been able to develop his game even more with his back to the basket style and high IQ level. Not to mention if he would’ve went to a powerhouse like Duke or North Carolina that would’ve been solely focused on developing his skill. When Bryant entered the league he was a bit timid on the offensive end despite his high flying ability. His shot selection was also questionable. If Bryant completed in the March Madness competition, I think that’s where his skill and his “clutch ability would be on display.” College stat Line- 20.4 points per game 5.6 rebounds

4. Andrew Bynum- In a real combination of size and skill, Bynum’s career was unfortunately cut short due to injury. I believe if he would’ve went to college and developed his game more some of those injuries may have been avoidable. Bynum had terrible knees, and coming to the N.B.A at only 18 years of age, Bynum had no clue how to properly deal with his injury or adversity. If Bynum would’ve attended Seaton Hall, I can see him being a major force just like in the N.B.A. He would’ve have plenty of worth big men to go against but that would’ve made him better as well. Double teams would’ve been common for Bynum allowing him to develop his passing as well. College Stat Line- 20.6 points per game 15 rebounds

3 Dwight Howard- While Dwight Howard has had a pretty successful N.B.A career, playing in college would’ve made him a better player. Howard was a freak athletically with little actual skill to match. If he would’ve played in college with a solid coach, they would force him to work on his post game and passing. The blocks and rebounding ability came naturally. Howard would have also became a better passer due to the double-teams that would sure come his way. College may have been the missing step for Howard to take his game to the next level and be considered an elite big man in history. College Stats- 15 points per game 20 rebounds. College -Georgia State

2. Kwame Brown- Many of you may be wondering why Brown is even on this list but that is the very reason why he is. Brown’s disappointing N.B.A career was a combination of immaturity and lack of development. Now regarded as one of the biggest busts in N.B.A history, Brown would’ve been better as a developed college player. Brown’s lack of offensive arsenal would’ve been addressed in college allowing him to develop a better arsenal of post moves. His lack of outside touch could’ve been worked on as well. Bynum’s injuries played a huge part in his downfall as well. If he got injured in college as opposed tot he N.B.A. he would have had time to bounce back as opposed to the fast climate of the N.B.A While I don’t think Brown would have won a national championship he would have been an overall more solid player College-Clemson University

College Stats 15 points per game 10 rebound

  1. Lebron James- Many consider Lebron James the goat but I think he would’ve even better as a college player. Due to his playmaking ability and one of a kind athletic ability James would’ve been a nightmare in college. I think he would’ve attended Ohio State and had the opportunity to lead them to a national championship. The only flaw in James game early on is that he didn’t have much of killer instinct. Being that James was overwhelmingly better than everyone through much of his life college would’ve game him the opportunity to harness some of that killer instinct in big college games. Also James is a great playmaker but his back to the basket game and overall offensive skillset needed some tuning early on. Shot selection and other issues are all issues James has faced throughout his career. James would’ve been a great college player arguably one of the best ever. College-Ohio State College Stats- 25 points per game 8 assists 8 rebounds


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