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What has stagnation done to sports fans

I barely know what day it is. If I was not in school I’m pretty sure everyday will blend together until this is all over. I playing by the rules and staying inside a lot, but it is starting to wear me down. Now there are a lot of factors that are causing me to feel down because of COVID-19, but unarguably the cancellation of sports is the repercussion that is making me the most upset. I hope this pausing of sports never happens again in my lifetime because this is the factor that I could never see stopping unless bad thing happened in the world.

This is a new experience for myself and most of the world. It is important to remember that sports should be on the back burner for the time being. The faster we get the virus out of here that faster everything can be made back to normal. I have heard too many stories of people around me being affected by the disease and that scares me the most. Everyone needs to be smart and stay home because that makes everyone have less of a chance to get it.

For this story I have taken two opposite sides of the sports fan spectrum. The first fan we are diving into is my close friend from high school Steve Shephard. I have been close friends with Steve since high school and the two biggest passions he has had from that time that haven’t changed are video games, and his love for the Buffalo Bills. “This new season better not be a bust this is the Bills years.” I have been joking with him saying, “that is a Bills fan favorite slogan,” but something feels different this time around when he says it.

A confidence in his voice I never heard about since Andy Dalton became a savior for the Bills. I know the amount of distress he will be in if this NFL season gets affected by the virus. Steve has been a Lakers fan since the Kobe days, but after his retirement lost a reason to watch basketball. With the Lakers having potential this year Steve has watched almost all the Lakers games this year. “It would be so heartbreaking to have the NBA season cancelled the season I put effort and time into watching.”

Moving the next the sports fan during the Crisis is my father. Richard DeNovio was never the man to have a favorite team, which allowed me to pick a team that I liked. My dad was always into sports gambling and it was the reason I started to pay attention to football as much as I did. “This sucks and I’m just waiting for it to be over.” When my dad had extra spending money he would make sports bets that he felt were “locks.” He obviously was not always right but when he was the extra money would be helpful for him.

In these times of trouble it is important to stay human and understand everyone goes through tragedy differently. Stay safe and be smart.

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