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What are sports fans doing during this time of no sports?

As I scrolled through the channels on my television I see so many channels that I would normally stop and see what’s on, but is there really a point? The channels I am talking about are the ones that air the live sporting events. As of today, the NBA season has been suspended, and the NCAA canceled all remaining spring and winter championships, including the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. MLB canceled the remainder of spring training, and it is unclear when Opening Day will happen — with at least a two-month delay and the NHL also suspended play. The Olympics have also been postponed till 2021, the first time it has been postponed in peacetime. This is the first time that all sports have been canceled, at least in my generation, so the burning question is what are we sports fans doing with ourselves? I asked fellow sports fan Kevin Osborn who is a junior at SUNY Oswego about what he has been doing and he said “I’ve been playing sports games and watching old games that they air on ESPN” As my friend Kevin mentioned ESPN has been re-airing classic games along with classic performances from the NBA. This has given sports fans something to watch and escape into the world of basketball. This also gives them a break from their shows and movies. Some fans may feel that watching these games is pointless. Another fellow sports fan and friend Ralph Spina who is a junior at NYU said: “I don’t really like classic games as much just because I know the outcome already and for me the most fun part of watching sports is to see the big moments as they occur not while already knowing they occur it is still cool though.” Another thing that sports fans can and have been watching is the 2k players tournament. Most fans have really enjoyed this content. Kevin Osborn enjoyed this content and said: “I think it’s another way to give fresh content to fans instead of only having the classic games replayed.” The NBA has also scheduled a HORSE tournament for the fans to watch. While this gives fans fresh content and something that is as close as they can get to live games right now. Fans have also been playing sports in their driveways, basements, rooms, and garages to try and stay close to the game.

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