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The Impact of the Cancellations on the SUNY Oswego Athletic Department


That can be the only word to describe what has occurred among not only the sports world, but the world as a whole. 

For Oswego State University division III athletes, their season is over. The decision came on March 12th, shortly after the school had opted for remote learning. 

“I was in shock as most everyone who saw the news was,” former Director of Athletic Communication Brian Manciocchi said. 

Manciocchi, who is also a 5th year senior had previously stepped down from his position a week prior to the cancellation. He had spent nearly 5 years with the athletic department.

With 180,458 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New York and 42 of those being in Oswego County the decision to cancel all Spring sports appears to be a safe call.

Among the spring sports that were impacted were baseball, men’s and women’s lacrosse, softball and men’s and women’s track & field. With over 50 total seniors losing their final season.

Due to the cancellation of spring sports the Athletic department has had to make way with what they currently can do.

“What they are doing right now is going back and editing the website and history sections,” Manciocchi said. “They’ve also just recently started acknowledging all the seniors who won’t have a final season”.

On the SUNY Oswego Athletics department’s Instagram page, 5 different posts have been made honoring seniors for their time and dedication to the Laker program. 

The Instagram page had previously posted pictures honoring Winter sports athletes as the SUNYAC announces awards. 

It appears unclear how the athletic department will move forward during these unprecedented times because of the nationwide pandemic.  

“I’m not sure how they’ll handle everything, besides waiting on word from the NCAA and the SUNYAC commissioner on how they will move forward,” Manciocchi said. 

As the SUNY Oswego athletic department looks for answers from the SUNYAC commissioner, many question what will happen to senior students eligibility. 

According to ESPN, The University of Wisconsin-Madison announced Thursday that they would not seek waivers for seniors in spring sports whose final seasons were cut short by the coronavirus pandemic.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison sports teams participate in the NCAA’s Division I-A. They became the first school to announce this decision, leaving many to question if they will have a spring season. 

On March 13th The NCAA Division III Administrative Committee approved measures giving schools additional flexibility when it comes to student-athletes and even participation and membership requirements.

According to the NCAA, ‘the approval included an additional semester and season of eligibility for all student-athletes participating in spring sports, the removal of a minimum threshold of sponsored spring sports, and the flexibility for schools to assist students with travel, lodging and meals as a result of campus displacement’.

Ultimately the decision will come down to the Athletic department on whether or not seniors will be given an extended year of eligibility. As of now the NCAA looks to focus on athletes staying safe during the pandemic.

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