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Ten Things You Didn’t about Noah Syndergaard

We certainly know a lot about professional athletes when they first come onto the scene as rookies and even when they are first drafted. Things like where they are born, what high school they went to, and a lot of times what their family was like growing up. There are many things however that people do not know about professional athletes that you have to do a little deeper for. This is no different for Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. Without further ado here are 10 things you did not know about Thor!

  1. Glove Names

Syndergaard has various glove names for all of his gloves he uses on the field. They are named after his favorite TV show and movie characters. Some of the names include Drago from “Rocky IV” Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones” and Rick Grimes from  “The Walking Dead”

  1. TV Cameo’s

Syndergaard has never been shy about his love for HBO’s Game of Thrones but did you know he actually appeared in an episode? He appeared as a Lannister soldier in episode four of season seven. He also appeared in an episode of CBS’s “Kevin Can Wait” which stars Kevin James who is a known die-hard Mets fan. 

  1. Stocks

If baseball didn’t work out for Syndergaard maybe he could have made a career at the New York Stock exchange. In 2019 he Won CNBC’s Stock Draft where he picked stocks and competed against various celebrities and his stocks yielded the largest return.

  1. Hair Product

Lots of Mets pitchers have had great long flowing locks over the years but almost none are better than Syndergaard’s. He uses a 32 dollar bottle of Cavior to condition his hair. He still does not understand why every girl wants to braid it.

  1. Pitchers who rake

Many people know that Syndergaard is a pretty good hitter for a pitcher even having 2 home runs in one game one time against the Los Angles Dodgers in 2016. But many people do not know that he was the first pitcher in 9 seasons to do it. Before him Micah Owings did it it for the Diamondbacks in 2007.

  1. Scaredy Cat Syndergaard

When Syndergaard first started to play sports he really didnt want to play. He would beg his mom to take him home earlier from the games. Once his coach asked him “What are you scared?” Syndergaard’s response…“Well yeah”

  1. It was Destiny

In Syndergaard’s senior of high school at Mansfield Legacy he helped his team to the playoffs that year by throwing two no-hitter’s and hitting a grand slam in the second round of the playoffs. It’s almost like he was meant to do this for a living. 

  1. Crank up the Heat

To start that senior year Syndergaard was only throwing his fastball in the low 80’s on his fastball. His coach asked him “When are you gonna start letting the ball go?” By the end of that season, his fastball was hitting upwards of 97 miles per hour

  1. Citi Field? Citi Bike

You can often find Syndergaard riding a Citi Bike through central park. He says hes happy to talk to anyone that recongiznes him!

  1. Postseason History

Syndergaard started the Wilcard game for the Mets in 2016. He threw seven scoreless innings in a no decision. He struckout ten in the game and that was only the fifth time in Mets history a pitcher had double-digit strikeouts in a game.


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