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Prince Fielder Top Ten

  1. Prince is one of the heaviest pro baseball players out there–but that’s fine with him and us! He’s still hit had a very impressive career. Plus, who doesn’t love a teddy bear!
  2. Baseball runs through the family! Prince’s father is the one and only Cecil Fielder.
  3. Speaking of Father Fielder, he is responsible for Prince batting left handed. Although Prince is right handed, and throws right handed, he bats left handed.
  4. One more cool fact about Prince and Cecil–they both ended their careers with 319 home runs to date. Like father, like son!
  5. Prince has moved around a bit. He was drafted in 2005 to the Milwaukee Brewers. In 2013 he was traded to the Detroit Tigers. He replaced Miguel Cabrera on first base. Finally, in 2014, he went to the Texas Rangers and was with them until 2017.
  6. His career was cut short in 2017 due to a neck injury. After two spinal surgeries, the doctors insisted his baseball days were over. Our teddy bear was very tearful over this, which makes us sad, too!
  7. Prince only missed thirteen games over eight seasons, which he partially blames for his injuries and career being cut short. You need some downtime, big guy. We would say this was unlucky, especially with the number, but…
  8. Prince is continuing on the royalty with two children, Jadyn and Haven. He and his with Chanel have been on and off in their relationship, but are currently together.
  9. In 2012, he won the Home Run Derby!
  10. There’s more to him than just baseball. He’s been working on a TV show called “Fielder’s Choice”, which features cooking, food, and our love-able guy and his wife.


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