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Good Game Coach

With March Madness in full swing theres no shortage of slam dunk and deep three pointer buzzer beaters. We are able to see some of the best young athletes display their talent before they go pro or decide to do other endeavors. While these players are are cornerstones off these schools rich sports history, this years competitive play got me to thinking about all the great coaches in college basketball.

You have the coaches like Jim Boeheim of Syracuse, Jim Calhoun of University of Connecticut and Joe Wooden of the University of California just to name of few. While these coaches are highly revered and respected as great college coaches, I don’t think enough respect is given to them as coaches overall. Like whose to say that Mike Kryzewski is not a better a coach than Gregg Poppavich, or Bobby Knight isn’t better than Phil Jackson? I believe that because they’relabeled as college coaches they aren’t given the same respect.

Basketball players who go to college then go to the N.B.A. are often better developed players than players who jump straight to the league. Obviously players like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are the exception. With that being said when N.B.A. coaches assemble their teams and schemes they’re receiving pretty well trained basketball players to build around to say the least. College coaches are practically dealing with kinds and all that comes with them. They have to deal with attitudes, academics, media attention all while maybe, not even definitely trying to compete for a national championship.

Not too diminish the caliber of N.B.A coaches, but let’s be honest, some are not good. During the regular season unless your facing a team like the Spurs or the Celtics with exceptional head coaches, your not too worried about getting beat on the coaching. When you get to the playoffs this changes because everything is intensified. This goes for coaching as well. However in the N.B.A. players and coaches alike have both admitted that coaching has taken a backseat just due to the sheer talent level on the court. In college this doesn’t exist because of the concept of these players still being students. There is less tolerance off the players which lends to more expected of the coaches to ensure a successful season.

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