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Gonzaga Player Comparison

Gonzaga’s NBA player comparison for me is Derrick Rose. Both offer tons of promise but never seem to be able to capitalize and something always gets in their way. Gonzaga has been a top team in the NCAA tournament since as far back as I can remember when Adam Morrison was splashing threes for the Bull Dogs. Year after year they have been given number 1 seeds, favored to win it all and then in the end they blow it. Gonzaga has a long list of embarrassing loses; 2002 as the 6 seed they were upset by the 11 seed in the first round, 2004 as the 2 seed they lost to a 10 seed in the second round, 2005 as a 3 seed lost to a 6 seed, 2008 as a 7 seed lost to a 10 seed, 2013 as a number 1 seed lost to a no 9 seed, and 2018 as a number 4 seed lost to a number 9 seed. It’s become a meme at this point how often they blow it. Everyone has learned to never pick Gonzaga to win out in your bracket or suffer the consequences of your bracket being busted by the end of the sweet 16.

While this comparison might be a tad harsh on Derrick Rose, I am not saying that he chokes he’s actually been pretty clutch most of his career. (Except in the NCAA tournament). Derrick Rose from very early on was quite a success. He’s been a multiple time All Star, rookie of the year, and was the youngest MVP of all time. So just Like Gonzaga enters every tournament with so much hope, so did Derrick Rose’s career began with so much hope. But tragedy struck as Derrick Rose tore his ACL. Roses ACL would sideline him that season and for fans who thought he would be back the next they were mistaken as he missed the whole next season. Derrick Rose would return the next year and eventually hurt his knee again and miss another season. Rose would Return the next year and injure his knee again and miss a significant chunk of the season. Eventually like Gonzaga’s choking Rose’s injuries began to become a meme, people joked about how bad his legs seemed to be and how they always failed him.

Both Derrick Rose and Gonzaga come back with hope every year that maybe this year will be differnt maybe this year they will get to shine, and every year it’s just the same old Derrick Rose and same old Gonzaga.

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