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Duke Loss: What this means for the NCAA and Zion Williamson

On Sunday March 31, the Duke Blue Devils lossed in a thriller to Michigan. For much of the country, this is no surprise as Duke has one the past few games by the skin of their teeth. For others this comes as a huge shock, because many believed Duke and Zion Williamson were unstoppable.

A strong energetic start by the entire Michigan state team was the real story of the game. Many teams that fell to Duke early, folded due to lack luster effort. Williamson is going to get his buckets, but playing hard and limiting others the best you can is a light of hope. Throughout the game the Spartans ran the fast break and performed well in clutch situations. This reminded me of college games I watched when I was younger when you can tell that every kid played the game like it was their last.

Dark Horse- Matt McQuaid played excellent during tonight’s game performing acrobatic finishes and electrifying dunks. His energy was infectious all night and hit one of the most ridiculous backward layups I’ve ever seen.

Cassius Winston played solid leading his team passed the Blue Devil’s He’s be answering the critic all season with elevated play throughout the tournament. Winston is extremely crafty,always under control and composed, Winston is the epitome of a floor general.

While Williamson played well, this game revealed a lot about basketball and the NCAA. No matter how talented you are no one man can make a team win. It takes a complete team effort to get the job done. Michigan State was the better team. So Williamson may go on to be the next Lebron James or even greater, but I’m sure this loss will weigh on his mind, like any great competitor. I think Williamson will regret passing the ball to R.J. Barrett instead of trying to create or take the jump shot for himself. In many ways I think Williamson is similar to Lebron, one of them being it may take some time for him to develop that clutch-takeover gene. H

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