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Carsen Edwards was phenomenal

By Matt Czeitner

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Carsen Edwards gave us one of the greatest individual performances in tournament history in one of the greatest games in tournament history. Up against arguably the best defense in the nation, Carsen Edwards showed up right from the start. He finished with 42 points. He shot an insane 10-for-19 from the three-point line. He is only the fourth person in tournament history to hit ten or more three-pointers in a game. Edwards set a new individual record for most three-pointers in one NCAA tournament at 28. The previous high was 27, held by Michigan legend Glen Rice. Rice needed all six games of a championship run to set his record. Edwards only needed four to break it. Not only did Edwards have a good game on this night, he had a great tournament and one of the best runs I’ve ever seen. Just a week before the game against Virginia, Edwards lit up Villanova for 42 points. Edwards finished with 139 points in only four games. This was the most through four games in the history of the NCAA tournament. The previous record was 128, held by a guy named Stephen Curry. I was really routing for Purdue in their game vs. Virginia but Virginia was really good and they took the victory in the end. A buzzer beater at the end of the fourth quarter sent the game to overtime, and Virginia maintained control through the overtime period. Deservedly, however, Edwards was named the South Region’s Most Outstanding Player despite not playing for the South Region’s most outstanding team. What a performance by him.

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