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Bye Bye Duke

RJ Barrett goes to the line down by two points with 8.4 seconds left on the clock. It’s crunch time, the final four is on the line for the much hyped Duke Blue Devils, who have been in an intense battle with Michigan State. The camera pans to RJ Barrett’s face and he looks shook, man I know he about to miss one, he’s scared.

Guess what? He missed and they lost. Of course he missed and they lost or I wouldn’t be writing about this. Me write about a Duke win, imagine that.

It feels nice to see Duke go home and see the glaring absence of the Duke fans all over my twitter and instagram. I mean where are they now. Where is all the celebrating and trash talking that was going on yesterday or the day before.

Truth of the matter is Duke always finds a way to disappoint, sorry to break it to you guys but that’s just the truth. You go out and recruit the top three high school players in the nation, and expect sympathy for losing. I sound like an angry hater right now but I don’t care, you know why? Duke just lost after getting lucky throughout the tournament they finally lost proving all the hype was purely BS. They were talented but the audacity of some of these fans wasn’t something I could take lightly.

Seeing coach K lose after years and years of him using his coaching of Team USA as an unfair advantage over other coaches and schools to recruit, felt justified. With this loss he is back to planning to find a way to lose next year with another batch of great players like he always seems to do. Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish have to get ready for the NBA draft in June where they will join some terrible teams and continue the losing for a little bit longer.

Can you tell I’m enjoying this just a little bit? Bye Bye Duke. Thank You Michigan State, thank you Tom Izzo.

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