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A High School Athlete During The Pandemic.

COVID-19 took away so much from so many. One area it hit hard was the sporting world. Games were canceled and people lost jobs working at stadiums. One area of sports that many don’t think about unless they have kids is high school sports. Thane Simera, a Junior at Saugerties High School, is currently seeing how the world is trying to allow young athletes to get out and play. 

Thane plays for the varsity soccer team as a goalie and defender. The junior varsity and varsity teams were combined as Saugerties determined they would have only one team per gender. The games were changed from halves to quarters to allow for players to be able to take their masks off and get fresh airWhen asked about what else has changed he talked about wearing masks. “Every school has different rules for whether or not players must wear masks, but for Saugerties it is mandatory.” He also stated that there was no interaction between teams except for what happens on the field. “We don’t shake hands after the game anymore. We don’t do anything except pack up and leave.” 

Krista Barringer, a member of the Saugerties Board of Education. Gave insight on the decisions made to allow the students to play safely. “First and foremost our education system needs to ensure the access and availability of education for all students.” She stated that the Board of Education is working hard to get things as close to normal as possible for the students. “Once we have ensured the safe, quality education for all, we can expand to begin offering safe extra-curricular activities.”

The Saugerties boys soccer team is happy to be on the field playing the game they love. “I was just tired of being stuck at home when I wasn’t in class,” Thane said “I am sure my teammates would say the same.” Their next game is Monday, March 29th.

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