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10 Things You Never Knew About Joel Embiid

Kyle French

February 21, 2021

He’s been one of the NBA’s most dominant big’s and has been a breakout player over the last few seasons. While you may know him only for his large social media presence and constant trolling you may just not know his entire background.

Injuries have plagued Embiid throughout his Career making him one of the mysterious question mark players in the league. His college career was even cut short due to a stress fracture during the 2014 March Madness Tournament.

Due to Embiid terrific play and an All-Star starting spot for this season, here are 10 things that you would never know about Joel Embiid.

10. He’s From Cameroon

Joel was born in Cameroon which is a country located on the continent of Africa playing volleyball and soccer. It wasn’t until former NBA player Luc Mbah a Moute saw Embiid when he influenced him to come to the U.S. and pursue a professional career in basketball.

9. He’s an active FIFA Player

Embiid has always shown his love for the sport of soccer in which is most popular back home in his own country of Cameroon. Jokingly after a key victory against the Lakers this season Embiid said it was harder playing ranked FIFA than it was guarding Anthony Davis a 2020 NBA Finals Champion.

8. He’s a diehard Packers Fan

While Embiid Loves trolling Eagles fans like myself he loves his Green Bay Packers and is notorious for tweeting gout the common Packers chant “GO PACK GO”.

7. He loves watching Anime

Embiid is well known for having a very nonchalant approach to everyday life and has even been criticized by several NBA Legends like Charles Barkley and Shaq. Here he is hours before a face-off with the rival Celtics watching Anime on his phone. Embiid later went on to score 31 points, haul in 13 rebounds, and tally 5 assists for the 76ers in game 1 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Semifinals loss.

6. He played College basketball at Kansas

5.He didn’t debut until 2016

It’s no secret that injuries have plagued Embiid throughout his career and ultimately put a end to his college career at Kansas. Being selected 3rd overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2014 NBA draft the Sixers took a gamble on the 7 footer who missed both the 2014 and 15 seasons due to a foot injury. Before his injiury Embiid was averaging 11.2 PPG, 1.4 AST, 2.6 BLK, and 14 Rebounds per game.

4. He has many rivalries with other NBA stars

Notorious for his off the court shenanigans on social media Embiid is also known for heckling players on the court as well. With notable rivalries with Russel Westbrook, Kart Anthony-Towns, and Marcus Smart Joel has no fear in expressing his personal feelings about anyone.

3. Embiid is only 7 FT Tall

Embiid has always been a great scorer whether it’s posterizing the defender at the rim or shooting crazy midrange jumpers. Embiid only stands at 7 FT tall but his 260 pound frame makes him one of the most dominant interior Centers in the game.

2.Currently has a shoe deal with Under Armour

Signing a shoe deal with Under Armour in 2018 Joel has produced his own show line with the Company in which he has customized several color ways including one that highlights his home country of Cameroon.

1.Nicknamed himself the process

Embiid introduced himself to the city of Philadelphia the only way he knew how by giving himself the nickname “The Process”. Embiid also came up with the popular phrase “Trust the Process” which was used by the Philadelphia Eagles during their 2017 Super Bowl Campaign.