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Is Frisbee a Sport?

To most people, throwing a frisbee around is just a fun activity to do at the beach or in a large area with friends.

“Frisbee looks pretty easy when you’re playing with your friends but Ultimate Frisbee is on a completely different level. It’s definitely not something you can pick up without much practice because you need to be able to throw both precisely and accurately.”

Most don’t know that there are three different types of frisbee throws, or if they do they certainly don’t know how to throw them.

Almost everyone knows the most basic type of frisbee throw, the backhand throw. This is the most natural and what gym coaches teach you in school.

The more complex throws start off with the forehand throw which is basically a sidearm throw. If you see this throw you will probably think it’s fairly easy as I did, but it is very hard to get a good amount of velocity on it while still maintaining the accuracy needed to complete the throw.

The most advanced type of throw is the hammer throw. This is an over the head throw in which the disc flies upside down towards its target. This requires perfect form and even then it is still very difficult perform an accurate pass.

As I said, most people can’t perform all three of these throws, so who are they to say if frisbee is a sport or not.

Nate Bruce had no clue that this sport existed either. Not until his friends at Summer camp introduced him to it.

“I had not heard of the sport before I started playing with them there. As I played more and more I got the hang of the different kind of throws and plays there were.”

Now he plays for the club team at SUNY Oswego and can’t think of a time where it wasn’t apart of his life.

One thing he loves about the game is that it’s a great way for him to meet new people and make more friends. It is also a great place for him to channel his competitive energy.

His roommate at Oswego, Thomas Turgeon, had one word to describe Nate; Energetic.

He believes this surplus of energy really helps Nate in everything he does, especially Ultimate Frisbee.

“I haven’t seen him play with his team, but if it’s anything like how he plays video games or with his friends, then he plays very competitively and is probably very eager to win.”

Another one of Nate’s friends, Marek Ptakowski actually got the opportunity to toss the frisbee around with him a little bit.

“I’ve seen Nate play casually and he’s pretty good. I’ve seen him throw a bunch of really cool looking throws and he definitely has a ton of skill. He is able to make super accurate throws without having to put much effort into it.”

Marek also sees how competitive of a person Nate can be.

“Nate has a lot of passion for the sport and he puts it all on the line when he plays for the school’s team. He loves the sport band definitely takes it seriously. Every time he takes the field he’s a super competitive player.”

Nate attributes a lot of his success and skill to Brodie Smith, a former professional disc league player who now has a YouTube channel where he posts trick shots and tutorials.

“Someone who I look up to is Brodie Smith. He has helped put the sport in the media. He also helped to teach me a lot of what I know in his videos.”

Of course it helps when you’re a fairly athletic individual to start out with.

Thomas says “His previous athleticism from high school sports and his continuous effort to stay active in college has really helped him a lot”.

Nate also says he wouldn’t have been able to do it without his parents by his side.

“They make me want to push myself harder, both in practice and away from the team. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now.”

“My parents are always encouraging me to be the best version of myself that I can be. I carry that with me with everything I do in life.”

Nate Bruce

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