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Well…My women’s bracket is still alive

I already said this in my last blog post, and I’m bound to repeat it again and again during the March Madness tournament: my bracket is busted. But, I have still have one hope that can be merely for pride at this point: my women’s bracket. I know for a fact that I won’t win the prize in Shea Serrano’s tournament, but it’s still doing better than my men’s bracket.

The nice thing about the women’s tournament is that there seems to be a larger talent gap between teams, and it’s easy to predict upsets – which really don’t happen a lot. In terms of seeding, there were only five upsets in the Round of 64: No. 10 Indiana University over No. 7 Texas University; No. 10 University at Buffalo over No. 7 Rutgers University; No. 11 Missouri State over No. 6 DePaul University; and No. 9 Michigan State over No. 8 Central Michigan University.

On the opposite side of upsets, there were also dominating victories: i.e No. 1 Mississippi State over No. 16 Southern University, where Mississippi won 103-46. Quite honestly, I don’t think you saw a ton of games like that in the men’s tournament, at least not in that fashion — a 57-point difference.

Going back to that talent gap, in the men’s bracket there aren’t a ton of teams that are unknown. Perhaps Abil Christian, who lost to Kentucky, or Gardner-Webb, who lost to Virginia. But, on the women’s side, there are a lot of “unknown” schools, like Bethune-Cookman or Mercer. This also alludes to the fact that women’s basketball just is not as popular in the NCAA as is the men’s side.

Either way, those games weren’t close in the women’s bracket. Bethune-Cookman, the No. 16 seed, lost to No. 1 Notre Dame 92-50, compared to the Virginia and Gardner-Webb game, which had just a 15-point differential.

I’m in the 97th percentile for the women’s bracket and ranked No. 1,865. I am only at 57.5 percent for the men’s bracket. I’m still banking on Notre Dame’s women’s team to pull it off — a team that went 32-3 in the regular season, ended the year on an 11-game win streak and finished inside the top-five for the NCAA polls.

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