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Unpopular Opinion: Picking your Bracket in a Non-Traditional Way is Just as Good

Picking your March Madness bracket and making a perfect bracket comes down to one thing: pure luck. Even this year, there is only one perfect bracket left in the world being tracked here. Picking a bracket based on favorite team names, favorite mascot, or even the color method gives you just as good of a chance to fill out the perfect bracket with the odds of one in 9.2 quintillion.

So next year, why not fill out an extra bracket some weird way? You might end up being that one in 9.2 quintillion winner. Here are a bunch of ways to fill it out.

The Mascot Methods: If two mascots got into a fight, which one would win? Pick your bracket based on the answer to this question. Or, ask yourself, which is your favorite mascot?

The Proximity Method: Whichever team is playing closest to their home court wins.

Flip a Coin: Heads or tails? The one with the higher seed is heads, and the lower seed it tails. Randomly flip a coin and let fate decide who should win. The mascot method – If the two mascots fought, which would come out alive?

The Colors Method: Is your favorite color blue? Pick the teams based on your favorite colors. Do you like the color red or purple more? Which shade of blue do you like more? Pick the winners based off of colors.

The Academic Method: Google each of their graduation rates. Pick the higher of the two graduation rates. They would be a better school academically, maybe they’ll be a better school on the court too.

Hotter Coach Method: Look up each picture of each head coach. Which one is hotter? That team is the winner.

Social Media Champions: Which one has more twitter followers? Or instagram followers? That team is the winner for that round.

Good luck.

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