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Unpopular Opinion: Non-Basketball Brackets are More Fun

March Madness is a time for more than just basketball. The amount of brackets that are made during the March Madness time which are not even related to sports is significant. There are brackets that include everything from favorite foods, favorite colors, other sports, favorite songs, best Nintendo games, and even more. I’ve compiled a list of brackets which are more fun than the traditional basketball brackets, which are not fun.

Best Vine of All Time: This bracket goes back to the time of Vines that are still alive on the internet on other outlets. This is a fun bracket.

Drake Songs: While I’m not a fan of Drake, the idea of a song bracket is great. Simply pick your favorite songs like you would pick a team. This is a fun bracket.

Nintendo Games: This is the best non-basketball bracket to choose. Everyone knows all of the Nintendo games and probably spent hours in their friends basements playing these games. This is a fun bracket.

Memes: This is the what our generation has come to. Memes. Bad luck Brian. Grumpy Cat. Netflix and Chill. sPoNgEbOb. This is a fun bracket.

Pick a fun bracket.

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