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Unpopular Opinion: March Madness is Flawed

Nearly 70 teams are in the March Madness tournament, and are put on an equal playing field at neutral places, that they may not have been to before. The magnitude of the college basketball regular season is one of the lowest in every sport. When the champion is decided in a single elimination tournament which is the dumbest season formats in sports.

Flaw One: Everyone who turns on the TV to watch a sporting event hopes that they will see the high-energy intense stadium atmosphere, in their own family room. When someone turns on March Madness, they are filled with half-empty seating, and fans who don’t know who to cheer for. Choosing a neutral place means that most students can’t come because it would cost an estimate $7,204 for a student to travel to each tournament game. We’re poor college students. We barely have $20 to spend at the bar this weekend.

Flaw Two: The game isn’t as intense as it should be with the players, so the fans don’t get into it. Everyone is so excited because during the first two or three days they’re doing really really great for their own personal bracket, but once their bracket is destroyed, people aren’t as excited about it. College players also are not at the same caliber as the NBA, which is perfectly okay, but it makes the games drag on and incredibly boring to watch.

Flaw Three: Nobody actually cares. Anyone who watches the teams throughout the season may know who they players are, but most people don’t and couldn’t name two players on every single team. People who pick brackets just want their shot at doing a perfect bracket, but actually know nothing about the players on the teams.


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