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Top 3 NCAA Champions of the 21st Century

                In the 21st century we have had the luck to see some great college basketball teams, while repeats are uncommon since the start of the one and done era, we have gotten brief glimpses of what can happen when incredible basketball talent combines to put on a show in the NCAA tournament. But out of all these incredible teams we’ve seen, who is it that rains supreme. The List will be judged one three things; They will have had to cut down the nets at the end of the tourney. I make the championship a necessity because no matter the talent you have on your team if you couldn’t win it all how can you call yourself the best (*cough* fab five *cough*). The second thing the team will be judged on is the talent on the roster, did they have the elite game changing players who not only dazzled at the college level but would go on to be valuable at the NBA level. The third dynamic I will judge the team on  is how dominant was the team. The fourth and final criteria is no repeat of teams, so just one team from each school is permitted to be on the list, just so we can get a little diversity. The better the stats and the better the record the better the team. This will just include 21st century teams because let’s face it old people don’t really read these things anyway (Sorry Professor Moritz). With all that being said let’s get into it:

3) Florida Gators 2006-2007

            The 2006-2007 Florida Gators was a team with a lot of unheralded talent. This Florida team produced 2 solid NBA journey-men in Marreese Speights and Corey Brewer both have been able to stay in the league at this point and in recent years carved out nice roles on finals contenders, Corey Brewer with the Houston Rockets and Marreese even won a ring with Golden State. This team also produced 2 elite NBA big men in Joakim Noah and Al Horford. Joakim Noah has been to two All-Star games, was All‑NBA first team 2014, and has won the defensive player of the year award. Al Horford is still playing at an elite level with a championship contending Boston Celtics team and has 5 NBA All Star selections to his name. The final key to this team is head coach Billy Donovan. Billy Donovan is the Gators all time winningest coach, has 2 national championships, and has found success as a head coach in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunder. This team would run through the NCAA tournament with relative ease as they would repeat as champions defeating Ohio St. 84-75. Their toughest game came in the elite 8 against number 3. Oregon who they beat by 7 points.

2)Duke Blue Devils 2000-2001

            The Duke Blue Devils have won a lot of tournaments but my favorite team of the 21st century has to be the 2000-2001 team. This team had some solid NBA talent they were led by senior and Naismith college player of the year award winner Shane Battier. Shane Battier is a 2x NBA champion who is considered an all-time great role player in the NBA and is largely considered one of the most tenacious defenders in recent years. The team carried 3 solid NBA Role players in Mike Dunleavy Jr., Chris Duhon, and Dahntay Jones. The team boasted 2 more studs in Jay Williams who would win college player of the year the next year and go number 2 in the draft, even though his career was cut tragically short from a motor cycle accident and 2x All-Star and 1x All-NBA third team player Carlos Boozer who would go on to be a superstar for the Utah Jazz. This team absolutely crushed the competition in the tournament winning every game by double digits and finishing 35-4 on the season.

1)Kentucky Wildcats 2011-2012

            This Kentucky team might be the most dominant Basketball team of all time and they have the NCAA record for the best overall record to prove it, winning the tournament and finishing the season at 38-2. 38-2 would actually be a letdown for the talented roster that was predicted by many to go undefeated. This team may have not had the total star power of a lot of recent Kentucky teams boasting 3 NBA role players in Marquise Teague, Terrance Jones, and Michael Kid-Gilchrist but their number one star more than made up for with their main super star Anthony Davis. The brow as he’s known is a freak of nature once in a generation talent that would appear in six-time All-star games and has been named to three All-NBA First Teams and three NBA All-Defensive Teams. This team lead by the college player of the year would decimate the competition in the NCAA tournament winning every game but one by double digits. Making this Wild Cat team my pick for best team of the 21st century.

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