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To the Rubbish

So for my sports journalism class I’m officially in the bin with my tournament winning team, UNC, losing to Aurburn 97 to 83. So no I ride my weak bracket with my friends in hopes that Duke can win the tournament. With Zion Williamson it is most definitely possible. But with 3 minutes left in the game and a difference of only 5 facing Virginia Tech anything is still possible. Sadly my favorite underdog in Oregon was put down while still making it quite a run as a 12 seed though maybe they deserved a higher seeding, but that’s just my bias.

As for the women’s tournament the top seeds are still dominating with one game tonight still and two tomorrow.

I seem to have noticed that hockey doesn’t start for a few more days, my bad… Yet the predictions are on the internet so they’re official and I’m sticking to them.

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