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The Zion Effect

This NCAA tournament is one we should all cherish. Unlike last year the late rounds of the tournament lacked the fire power of other tournaments so while the upsets were fun while it lasted the end of the tournament was quite boring. But the biggest attraction to this years tourney is the genetic freak Zion Williamson. We are currently watching a once in a generation athlete, akin to the likes of Lebron James and Shaq. Zion is 284 lbs and 6’7” with freakish speed. Zion soars through the air and blocks unsuspecting players shots with a forceful volleyball type spike. His dunks are breathtaking as he routinely slams it home with his head above the rim. The man routinely guards and outruns smaller supposed to be quicker players with ease. He is currently averaging 22.5 pts 8.8 rebs with a 68% shooting percentage, the man gets buckets at will with his combonation of strength, speed and a soft touch. Zion is a lock for the player of the year award this season as no one has had anywhere near his impact. We’re currently watching a once in a generation talent dominate at the college level, so grab your popcorn and enjoy the show while it lasts.

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