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The women of WWE take their rightful place in the main event of Wrestlemania 35

Ronda Rousey is the greatest female UFC fighter of all-time, but she’s finally found her true calling as a WWE superstar.

Ever since Ronda retired from the world of MMA, it was only a matter of time before the lifelong wrestling fan found her way to WWE. Ronda’s appearance at Wrestlemania 31 back in 2015 was only the beginning of internet rumors surrounding her inevitable arrival.

It took three years, but Rousey finally made her in-ring debut at Wrestlemania 34 last year when she teamed with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Her debut was worth the wait and the match itself exceeded expectations, stealing the show. Nobody (including me) expected Ronda’s first match to be the best at Wrestlemania last year. Since then, Rousey’s grown into one of the most complete and well booked characters on the WWE roster, male or female.

There were bumps along the road shortly following her debut, but the WWE creative team and Rousey herself have figured out how to best utilize the self-proclaimed “baddest woman on the planet’s” character. Her promos are believable and entertaining while her quick matches with low to mid-tier women’s superstars are can’t miss. When a good superstar actually gives Ronda a challenge, it makes that superstar’s character look so much better and stronger. It makes the women’s division feel even more important.

I’m glad she joined the WWE roster when she did, it was perfect timing. When Ronda first appeared at Wrestlemania in 2015, the women’s division was weak, filled with bad actors that couldn’t wrestle and wasn’t made a priority by the WWE.

Flash forward four years later and the women’s evolution in WWE has come full circle. Women are now main eventing pay per views and their segments headline weekly Raw and Smackdown episodes. They’re also putting on the best matches on the card some nights. There was even an all-women’s pay per view appropriately named “Evolution” that took place in October of 2018. Most of today’s top women’s superstars weren’t even on WWE’s main roster in 2015. Charlotte Flair and my favorite women’s superstar Becky Lynch were still in NXT at the time (WWE’s version of the minor leagues).

This year they, along with Rousey, will be the first women to main event a Wrestlemania when they face each other in a tripe threat match for Rousey’s Raw Women’s Championship. Charlotte vs Becky vs Ronda is the match I’m most excited to see on a STACKED Wrestlemania card. That’s saying something when my favorite male superstar in Seth Rollins has the chance to finally take the Universal Championship away from Brock Lesnar.

Having the opportunity to watch these women make history in person at MetLife Stadium next Sunday night is going to be an amazing moment to be a part of. The men and women of WWE have equal opportunities to take the spotlight, something that major sports leagues are a long ways away from achieving. Only the UFC can make a claim to equality in sports/entertainment like the WWE can now.

Notice how half of these top 10 Wrestlemania moments (including all of the top 3) have happened in the past couple of years. The WWE has come a long way from the embarrassingly bad way they portrayed their womens superstars during the 90’s and 2000’s. Each main event participant alluded to this during their Sportscenter interview earlier this week. They recognize how special and monumental their match truly is. It’s been incredible watching how far the women have come since I started watching WWE on a regular basis back in 2011.

Rousey’s mainstream popularity, the meteoric rise of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s continued dominance over the past four years make putting this match in the main event a no brainer. On April 7th, the past couple months of build up on Raw and Smackdown finally culminates in a match that is bigger than Wrestlemania. It’s bigger than WWE. This main event is a statement to the world that women are just as good as the men and I can’t wait to witness it in person.

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