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The end of March Madness?

Just like that, Duke has been eliminated from the Elite 8 by Michigan State. The game came down to the wire, just like how the previous 3 games went for the Blue Devils.

With the culmination of this game, the Final Four has been set with the Spartans ready to take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders and Virginia is matched up with Auburn. I anticipate both games will be exciting but not being able to see Duke or N.C in the final really put a damper on the tournament for me (no, it’s not because I had that as the championship matchup for most of my brackets… ok maybe). It’s mainly because myself, along with the rest of the country won’t be able to watch Zion and the rest of the stud freshman on Duke play again until they’re drafted.

It’ll be a rough and grueling wait until the NBA Draft. Until then though I would like to discuss the narrative that I see circulation the twitter-sphere. This being the Idea that the “One and Done” idea in NCAA basketball has been a disappointment. That only teams with experience can succeed in college basketball. Yes this is what history tells us but in this game for example it came down to the last possession of a one point game against one of the greatest NCAA coaches over the last 15 years.

The enjoyment of being able to watch these freshmen play basketball at such a high level, is such a sweet treat to behold. Now with the idea and almost imminent implementation of the new age rule for the NBA, March Madness may take a major hit in ratings, merchandising and overall involvement surrounding the creation of brackets without these wonderful athletes.

Yes there will still be games televised and brackets filled out but the immense hype and endearment fans have to these amazing players may be taken away. All because the love of money and the obsession of it has taken a tole on the fun of sports.

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