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The Elite 8 is Here, and the Hatred for Duke Rages On

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The elite 8 is here and the final four will soon be upon us. This is obviously the most exciting time of year for college basketball. The stakes are as high as can be, and they’re the most fun games of the year to watch. However, there is one tremendous downside at this point in this year’s tournament, and that’s the fact that the Duke Blue Devils are still in it.

I’ve made sure to catch every tournament game the Blue Devils have played so far. This isn’t because I like watching Duke, this isn’t because they have the best college ball player in the country, or the fact that so many people have them picked to win it all. It’s because I hate Duke with a burning passion.

As a longtime basketball fan and a Syracuse fan, I’ve always despised Duke basketball. I watch all their tournament games because I’m extremely anxious to see someone put an end to their season. The last two games they’ve played caused me great emotional let down and put me in a state of depression. The last two games the Blue Devils played were very close. They just barely survived by single digits against UCF and Virginia Tech. My heart sank at the final buzzer in both games.

When Duke loses (and they will), you can bet who is throwing a party in celebration. I’m sick of hearing about how great Zion is. I don’t care about all of his NBA implications. I’m disgusted to hear people suggest he should sit out of the season. I just don’t care. Let’s talk about how great Zion is going to be in the pros AFTER he’s been drafted.

 It’s been a tough year for anti-Duke fans, an unbearably noisy one at that. You can’t open one social media app without seeing some Duke related post. But good times are ahead. There’s a light at the end of tunnel, and right now that light is the Michigan State Spartans tomorrow afternoon.

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