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SUNY March Madness

SUNY Barstool’s March Madness Bracket for 2019.

If you follow @barstoolsuny on Instagram, then you know that they have had their fair share of brackets. Earlier this month, the account started their first annual Barstool SUNY BARch Madness bracket where anyone could vote on what’s the best bar at any of the SUNY schools. Bars from Oswego included: The Raven, Alley Cat and 2 Cans. 2 Cans made it the farthest, going all the way to the Elite Eight. Ultimately, Binghamton’s “The Rat” won with 102 more votes than the runner-up.

Final results for SUNY Barstool’s first Barch Madness.

But their latest bracket is a little different. Barstool has had a tradition of having their own fun with March Madness by making a “Best SUNY” bracket where fans can vote for the best SUNY school. They have six schools automatically included in the bracket: Binghamton, Oneonta, Buffalo, Albany, Cortland and Brockport.

Final results for SUNY Barstool’s March Madness 2019.

No shock that a first round BYE won but I was surprised that Albany won. Also, these brackets are doing Oswego dirty by having the Lakers only making it to the Elite Eight in both of the tournaments. It’s either that fellow Laker students aren’t on board, or that students didn’t know that this was even taking place.

Another big reason of why Oswego only made it to the Elite Eight could be because their enrollment is only around 7,000. At SUNY Albany, their enrollment was 17,746 in 2017. Competing for the best SUNY school was Binghamton who had 17,768 students in the fall of 2018.

So, is it fair that schools that are automatically in the bracket have more students than other schools that have to fight their way for the title? Maybe someone will realize this and next years bracket will look different for Oswego.

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