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March Sadness: Betting the NIT

So let’s say, hypothetically, you’ve lost a lot of money betting on the NCAA Tournament but you feel really good about the slate of Sweet 16 games that tip off tomorrow. You could be responsible and take a night off from betting as you research the slate of games tomorrow, or you could bet a bunch tonight and have more money to bet on all the sure locks in the NCAA Tournament tomorrow.

I’m taking a break from betting the NBA until the playoffs start, baseball doesn’t start until next week, and hockey is the WORST sport to bet on. So what’s a degenerate to do? There’s always March Madness’ sad, loner cousin: the National Invitation Tournament (aka Not In Tournament).

The NIT might be the worst thing you could possibly bet on (it’s not, I’ve placed wagers on the Hot Dog eating contest, how many times Trump would say the word ‘wall’ in his state of the union address (under 7.5 easy win btw), among other totally degenerate things, but the NIT ranks among the worst) because it’s a tournament nobody wants to be in. Nobody heads to their local bar to cheer for your hometown team to make it’s way through the NIT bracket, no coach nor player wants to be there. Winning the NIT means nothing other than that your team is the best of the worst. If the NCAA Tournament is the Big Dance, the NIT is like your roommate walking in on you dancing alone while watching West Side Story because you thought it would be cool to learn all the moves of the dance fights (totally not a personal anecdote). But here I am, betting on the NIT. I’ve reached a new low.

Luckily there is no statistical model or KenPom ratings for who actually wants to play in the NIT and who just wants their season to be over so they can go back to smoking pot on the weekends. These picks are based mostly on what teams I think actually care more about winning. I told you this is a new low for me.

NC State (-.5) vs. Lipscomb / Under 167

I’ve teased NC State down from -5 point favorites to a pickem and teased the total from 162.5 to 167. 167 is a very high number for a college basketball game and Lipscomb is a great defensive team.

I’m confident in NC State winning this one because their coach is Kevin Keatts. And Kevin Keatts is a winner. That’s all that needs to be said.

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