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March Madness, Where Unpredictability Makes Opportunity

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Photo Credit: The Virginian Pilot

As the NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament approaches the sweet 16, all teams left standing are pretty much what was predicted, as they are all top 5 seeds. However, there is one team that sticks out from the rest. That’s the 12th seeded Oregon Ducks. In the first round, the Ducks pulled off a big upset as they crushed the 5th seeded Wisconsin Badgers 54-72, further proving my father’s theory that 12 seeds are always dangerous.

In the second round Oregon played the 13th seed UC Irvine, which was even more unexpected as the Anteaters pulled out a bracket buster of their own by beating the 4th seeded Kansas State. With Oregon lucking out and drawing a 13th seed in the second round, the Ducks seized the opportunity and nearly had an identical score of their first-round game! Oregon crushed the Anteaters 73-54.

Now the Ducks have sneaked their way right into the sweet 16, where they will play 1 seeded Virginia, a shooting powerhouse. At this point in the tournament, Oregon should in no way be counted out, especially since Virginia’s recent tournament history shows they are no strangers to getting upset by underdog opponents. Yeah, shots fired.

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