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March Madness has proven that Zion is the number one pick.

I think it’s a proven fact that Zion is going to be the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft. The numbers that he put up during this season, on top of the insane highlights he’s created over these last couple months have really built up this argument. Although people in the sports media world believed that Zion would have gone number one overall even if he didn’t play in the tournament. Just looking back on history, or even paying attention to what’s happening with the NFL Draft and the information on the prospects coming out there, there is one statement that always has value, nothing is a sure thing.

If the last thing we saw of Zion Williamson, on a basketball court during a meaningful game, was a scary looking knee injury, there would be all sorts of question marks swirling around his draft stock. Is he 100% healthy? Will this become a nagging injury? Will he lose some explosiveness?

The fact that he came back got rid of all the doubt and gave the country the privilege of seeing, what I think is the second best 18 year old basketball player of all time. Right behind LeBron James, we have never seen someone this dominant on a basketball court at this age maybe since the Kareem, Wilt and Russell stone ages.

The numbers that he’s been putting up post-knee injury are staggering, 28 PPG, 8 board’s, shooting above 68% from the field and 47% on three’s. This is against the best that the country has to offer in the NCAA Tournament. There is no way around trying to justify picking someone else over Zion at this point. As long as he stays healthy, you can bet the house on Zion going number one with the biggest question right now being, who’s going to have that pick?

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