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Major League Madness

Photo by Arturo Pardavila III from flickr

Its the end of March but I would still consider it March Madness as March 28th marks the opening day of the Major League Baseball season.

A lot of big games were played today and are still being played as I am writing this.

My favorite baseball team, although it may be an unpopular opinion at SUNY Oswego, is the Boston Red Sox and I am hoping for another great season.

Although it saddens me to admit this the Yankees had a strong opening game winning 7-2 over the Orioles. Even the Mets played well today winning 2-0 over the Nationals.

The Sox had an outstanding season last year with a number of great players that will be returning this year.

I’m not sure is Mookie Betts can have as great of a season as he did last year with a .346 average but I think he can come close. I’m not ruling out that he do just as well or better but it will take a lot of hard work and probably a little bit of luck.

The Sox also have strong players like Andrew Benintendi, J.D. Martinez and Dustin Pedroia.

However, be honest with everyone, and I think a lot of Sox fans feel this way, I still miss Big Papi aka. David Ortiz. I know he can’t come back but I am waiting for the day that the Sox find another player like him. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Sox fan that didn’t like Big Papi. If I did that would be madness.

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