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Is the Duke UNC Rivalry the best in all off NCCA Sports

Rivalries are easily one of the most exciting and talked about aspects in all of sports. Whether it comes from the big leagues with the Packers and Bears in the NFL, Red Sox and Yankees in the MLB or Lakers-Celtics in the NBA. No matter where you look you can’t get away from it.

Just like in the pros, the college rivalries that we have seen throughout time have some of the most exciting sports moments behind them. All the countless Big 10 matchups between Michigan and Ohio State, Kentucky vs Kansas and even BU vs Boston College.

Out of all of these rivalries Duke-UNC might have the most exciting one out of all of them. Between the extended success each school and the close proximity they are to each other only scratches the surface. As of the start of the 2018-19 season, UNC sits at No. 3 on the all-time wins list. Duke is No. 4. The two schools have combined for 38 of the 65 ACC tournament titles and 50 regular season crowns, made it to 36 Final Fours and claimed 11 national championships. In head to head record UNC leads at 138-111 and has the longest streak at 16.

Mike Krzyzewski or Coach K is the all time winningest coach in NCAA history with 1123 wins and 1027 coming at Duke. He passed all time great coach at UNC Dean Smith back in 2010 and then Bobby Knight for NCAA men’s basketball the following season. He passed women’s coaching legend Pat Summitt last year to become first in Division 1 history and then just this year he passed Harry Statham for winningest coach in all of college basketball.

The countless memorable moments between these two blue bloods of college basketball would take a novel to cover it all and then some. Ultimately you can put this rivalries resume up with any other combo in sports and you can have a compelling argument as to why this one is the best of all time.

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