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Food Madness!

From Betty Crocker:

March Madness can have a lot of different meanings and there is even a place for it in the culinary industry. I can’t even imagine what it is like for the restaurants outside of the basketball stadiums, it must be madness, that’s why I’ve chosen to stay at home.

Although I don’t really enjoy basketball, I do enjoy cooking and if that means the March Madness tournament gives me the opportunity to try some new things or make something new I’m happy. So, I’ve spent the last couple of hours looking up or coming up with some new things that I would like to try and some fun snacks relating to basketball that could be fun to make and I thought I would share them.

My first thought when it comes to basketball and food is cake pops, and lucky for me a lot of other people thought cake pops would be a good idea as well. Of course, they could work for other sporting events too like the opening day of baseball season.

Here’s the recipe from Betty Crocker:

Another thought that came to mind was sliders. A lot of people like sliders and you can make them in all kinds of ways whether they are beef, chicken, tofu and the bun can be gluten free if necessary. If you use a food coloring marker to draw on the top of the bun they look like basketballs.

Here’s a recipe for something similar from Hungry Happenings:

This one might be a lot of work but it could be fun. For drinks, instead of just using normal cups buy clear drink cups and draw lines on them to make it look like a basketball net. Then you will need an ice cube tray that can make spherical ice cubes, which can be easily ordered off Amazon. Use orange food coloring to dye the water you will put in the ice tray orange so then when you put the ice cubes in the cup it looks like you’ve just made a basket.

Or if you like pizza it’s really easy to arrange the toppings of your choice along a pizza to make it look like a basketball. Or you can make a fruit pizza like this one from The Littles and Me:

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