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Dukes NBA Player Comparison

Ever wonder who a NCAA teams, NBA player comparison would be? No? Well thats fine because in this series i’m going to tell you any way. In this series of blogs I will NCAA teams to the players that they most resemble in either play style or team history. First up is Everbodies favorite team the Duke Blue Devils

Duke is the elite eight version of Kevin Durant. Everybody from day one has been pretty sure they’re going to go to and win the tournament, and have the most loaded team in the tournament. This is exactly like Kevin Durant and the warriors, lets be honest everybody knows their going to win the the championship, we pretend all year long that maybe someone can do it but it never happens.

Both Kevin Durant and Duke are things we love to root against. Most normal people are born with this weird urge to Hate Duke mens basketball, it’s a natural instinct. Dukes gets the top players every and always seems to have one dirty player that drives you nuts. Wanna know who else 90% of the basketball loving world hates? Kevin Durant! The guy has a 3-1 series lead over Americas most hated team, the Warriors and manages to blow that lead. Then the man decides to abandon ship and run to the already stacked team that just beat him to win a bunch of meaningless championships. The guy even makes burner accounts to try and tell people how good of a player he is. He is no question the most hated player in basketball just like Duke is in the college world.

The third and final comparison is they both seem to have insane luck to go with their already stupid amount of talent. Duke should have been eleminated twice now as would be scorers missed wide open game tying or winning put backs. These guys were practically a foot away from the hoop on their shots and still couldn’t hit them. Everytime it looks like theres some little invisible blue devil sotting on the rim knocking these shots away. Kevin Durant and the Warriors have had plenty of luck in their run one specific moment stands out above all, they’re getting eaten alive in game one of the nba finals by Lebron James who is trying to carry his team of a bunch of guys that he found at a pickup game somewhere in Ohio. The man dropped 51 pts in a single finals game all his teammate has to do is hit both freethrows he made the first and missed the second this was George Hill a career 80% freethrow shooter and shooting 85% So thats pretty lucky, granted there was tremendous pressure on the shot, however the truly lucky thing comes after the miss. J.R. Smith grabs the rebound and with a wide open game winning 2 point shot infront of him just runs the opposite direction…. how as an NBA player can you not know the score of a final game (can you tell i’m still bitter). This extremely lucky moment would also lead to the 50pt Lebron who was eviscerating the nba allstar team that is the Warriors at 87 years old to bunch a white board and break his hand. How lucky can you get!!!

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