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A Method to the Madness: A moment of silence for my busted bracket

March Madness is ruthless, it’s unforgiving, and sooner or later it bites everybody involved. My day of reckoning may have come later than others, but trust me this feels a lot worse than being out of it on opening weekend. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, the North Carolina Tar Heels were eliminated from the tournament by the Auburn Tigers. Even worse, I didn’t even get to witness it with my own eyes since I was on assignment for my internship at the Palladium-Times. You may not care about my responsibilities covering high school lacrosse, but I did tell you all the safest bet was UNC as a 5.5 point favorite. Oops. But loses happen in sports and we all need to move on to the next game. I may have lost out on the opportunity to win $1,200 on a futures bet that had UNC winning the national championship, but tomorrow is a new day.

Here’s my picks for tomorrow. I don’t even feel good bragging about my win streak up until tonight. It was a great ride and winning all my bets last night was quite the thrill, but when your favorite team loses it hits the soul a little different. I’m a man with integrity so I’m sticking with the picks I made in my now busted bracket. Even if that means betting on a Virginia team I hate. The way they play basketball bores the hell out of me, but if I changed my mind and they won I’d be even sicker than I am now.

North Carolina is out so I don’t even care about Michigan State’s win. All I care about right now is getting enough drinks in my system to forget about the $1,200 that could have been.

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