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7 Reasons The NCAA Tournament is Better than the NBA Playoffs

7 Reasons The NCAA Tournament is Better than the NBA Playoffs

  1. The NCAA Coaches have more passion

No matter how great of a coach Gregg Popovich is for the San Antonio Spurs he can’t compare to the entertainment that the  NCAA coaches give and the passion that they bring to the sport. One NCAA coach that comes to mind that has always brought passion and entertainment to the game is the Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard. I know that his team is never a favorite to win but Willard has shown through his coaching that he will fight for his team until the last minute, just watch Seton Hall V.s Villanova a couple of weeks ago there was so much passion and entertainment shown by Willard.

The next coaches that come to mind were during 2015 final four and they are Bo Ryan, Calapari, Tom Izzo and Coach Kand they are legends but during the NBA playoffs, we get David Blatt and Steve Kerr and to be honest these four NCAA coaches are way better basketball coaches then Kerr and Blatt, because they put more passion and energy into the game.

2) Hope is Plentiful

Every team feels that they have a shot in the tournament for example in 2013 #15 Florida Gulf Coast reached the Sweet Sixteen and also and VCUand George Mason made the Final Four as 11 seeds. Having those to teams make it that far just has the fans that root for them extremely hopefully that maybe the building years are behind us and the champion years are in front of us.  In the NBA upsets happen but it seems like they are getting rarer and rarer.

3) Stronger Fan Ties

Cheering for a professional team that you like is great but there’s nothing better than cheering for your alma mater and watching them win that feeling is way better than seeing a professional team win.

4) More Family Storylines

NCAA players are still people as well and some of the stories that they have may not be the happiest of a moment. Like, don’t you think it’s funny how people see you at your best times but judge you at your worst. Take the story of Michael Nzei who came here from Nigeria of the story of Cory Weissman how didn’t play in March Madness but played college basketball for Gettysburg until he had a stroke March Madness and college basketball just has more sentimental stories than the NBA.

5) Easier to Find a Rooting Interest

According to the Powerhouse, for Big Ten Basketball coverage it says that “Normally, I’m not a fan of switching allegiances as a fan, but when March    Madness is on, I always end up rooting for one team over another. It makes the game more fun, and as long as they aren’t playing your favorite team who cares if you root for the mid-majors of the world or your conference’s teams. On the other hand, this year in the NBA, my favorite team, the Indiana Pacers missed the playoffs and I’ve found it very hard to pick a side in most of the series so far”.

6) Higher Stakes

There is higher stake during the NCAA tournament then the NBA Playoffs because during the NCAA tournament every game is a must need to win so as a player you need to bring 100 percent to each game. Next reason why the NCAA is high stakes is the single-game elimination that is one of the reasons why March Madness is so big.

7) The Upsets During March Madness

  • Xavier defeats No. 2 Arizona (73-71)
  • No. 11 Loyola-Chicago defeats No. 7 Nevada (69-68) …
  • No. 11 Loyola Marymount defeats No. 7 Alabama (62-60) …
  • No. 9 Kansas State defeats No. 5 Kentucky (61-58) …
  • No. 11 George Mason defeats No. 7 Wichita State (63-55)

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