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Pandemic VS Oswego Athletics

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, the life we are living now is far from normal. Hospitals are overcrowded, unessential business’ are closed,  large events are cancelled, and all schools are shut down. With schools being shut down, spring sports seasons were cut short before they even fully started. 

With the cancellation of all spring sports, this leaves SUNY Oswego Athletics incomplete, especially in the Athletic Communications Office. Although not all the duties within the office entail the current live games, it is one of the biggest parts of the job. This leaves the employees wondering, “what now?”. Even though employees are not on campus to work, there are still remote projects that need to be done, such as social media work and team website information such as bios and updated rosters. 

Even though this is something the workers in the office were doing during the normal year, it’s just not the same. Senior Kaitlyn Benicase, who has been a student worker in the office for over two years, has been working on updating baseball history. Benicase likes that she is still working but finds the change to be difficult. “I find it a lot harder to manage time to be able to get on and log the hours for work because I’m so used to having to go into the office!” says Benicase, which is a problem most workers seem to be dealing with. 

Some workers are facing different challenges, such as the lack of resources. Colin Noftsier, who works as the graphic designer in the office says “not having access to the drive that only on-campus people can have is a challenge”. Lack of sports photos and valuable programs that are only available on campus puts graphic designers like Noftsier at a disadvantage.

In these tough times, students like Senior Zach Koons are finding the bright side of the situation. Koons, who runs the social media accounts, says “It’s challenging for us but it’s keeping us on our toes and making us extra creative!” 

The office is eager and excited for sports to start back up again and hope things are closer to normal in the fall!

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