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People Keep Telling Me to not Panic over the Yankees, but I am Panicking

It’s early in the season right? It shouldn’t be time to panic. Right?


The New York Yankees have fallen to 5-10 and are last in the AL East division.

While the bullpen has been outstanding for the Yanks, it’s the hitting that has took a “real hit.”

It has been truly excruciating to watch. It’s been worse knowing that the king of hitting with runners in scoring position (DJ LeMahieu isn’t hitting with runners in scoring position. No one is. Oh and they have hit into 15 plus double plays so far this year, leading the league. This is not the stat you want to be leading the league in.

RISP (runners in scoring position) was something DJ and the Yankees were very good at the past two years.

In 2019, situational hitting was one of LeMahieu’s strengths. Among players with at least 20 plate appearances with runners in scoring position, LeMahieu’s .458 batting average ranked third. He was 22-for-48 with no home runs and 25 RBIs. With two outs and runners in scoring position, he had a .393/.452/.393 batting line. 

Meanwhile, when the bases are empty, he was slashing just .259/.315/.422.

That was 2019. I can’t say that it’s the same now.

A crowd of 10,202 people braving cold and wet conditions let the Yanks know last Friday night that this was an unacceptable showing, showering them with Bronx cheers. 

An equally unacceptable reaction occurred as several baseballs were hurled onto the field by fans when Frazier led off the home eighth inning, prompting a warning by public address announcer Paul Olden.

“Kind of hate seeing that,’’ Aaron Boone said. “Unfortunately, a handful of people ended up doing that and it looks bad for everyone.’’

Some fans were exhorting others to throw more foul balls back onto the field. 

A stunned Frazier had never experienced such a sudden baseball hailstorm before and “hopefully, moving forward, we play well enough so that does not happen again.”

Apparently, Boone took ten minutes to read the Yankees his version of the riot act, which not surprisingly brought this reaction from Clint Frazier:

“Boonie is so chill that when he gets angry, you know at that moment that when he does get upset, like, ‘Hey, we aren’t doing it the right way right now,’” Frazier said. “He recognizes — and anyone — recognizes that we aren’t playing well; it should be addressed. And it was needed.”

However, the Yankees would lose again. The speech didn’t work, it is truly getting out of hand.

Oh and Yankee Twitter bullied Jay Bruce so bad that he retired. He actually retired, and unfortunately it may be the best thing to happen to the Yankees so far this year.

The 34-year-old outfielder/first baseman retired after the Yankees loss against the Rays at Yankee Stadium, announcing Sunday morning that he was calling it a career after 14 seasons in the big leagues.

“The reason I ultimately chose to do this is because over 13 years of playing pretty much every single day, I set a standard of what I expected out of myself from a performance standpoint — or at least feeling like I’m able to perform at that level,” Bruce said. “I know there are ups and downs and ebbs and flows throughout a season and a career.

“But ultimately, I just felt like I couldn’t perform at the level that I expected out of myself. For me to do what I needed to do, it just wasn’t in the cards. It’s tough, but I feel at peace with it.”

Hey at least he knows he isn’t good anymore. The guy can’t even scoop a ball or come off the base to get a ball. He just lets it go by. Bruce did give us hope during spring training but yet another set up for getting hopes high.

I hope to god these guys wake up. I can’t wait for Luke Voit to come back, and Luis Severino, another pitcher to add to the bull pen, because I honestly can’t take this anymore.

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